Whiteboard animation

"Atlasbalans" wanted a whiteboard animation to explain how their treatment is a new way of understanding treatment of pain. So I made this animation for them.

They wrote the script, and I did the illustrations, which I then recorded as I drew the final version.

This version is in Swedish, but an English translation should be in the works.

Treatment of spine and muscles

A simple animation showing how the company "Atlasbalans" treats their patients spine and muscle to relax tension (audio in Swedish).

The animation uses the simple clean style we created for their illustrations, which makes it clear and fast to animate, keeping cost low and getting the point across.

The client delivered a short script which served as the basis for sketches. Once the timing of the slides felt right it was just a matter of adding some motion, but not too much, I didn't want it to distract from the voice and clarity of what was going on. Often less is more.

They actually offer the treatment to both people and horses!

The video is on their website: www.Djupvagsbehandling.se

And for the treatment of horses:

iPad game for kids

Animation of animals for iPad app.

I created the animals in Flash with movable parts so I could animate them.

They laugh, sleep and dance!

You can read more about the project on my Apps & Games page.


Animated book
Length: 9 minutes

I worked with Willie on many projects during 2010 but this was the most ambitious one yet...

    Willie approached me with a ten minute audio recording he made a few years back of Jack London's short story 'To build a fire'. He asked if I could visualize it and turn it into an animated short film.
    I sent him sketches of how I would go about this and he soon said 'go'.

    Over the following three months I crafted the film from the ground up, analyzing the script, sketching storyboards and turning them into an animatic, illustrated the shots and animated them, fininshing with adding the sound effects.

If you enjoy it, support PeopleLution by buying the hi-res HD version on DVD here tobuildafire.info/wordpress/






Mascot animation for Scandic

Here is the English karaoke-song for the Scandic Hotels mascot "Sigge".

The ad-agency Honesty provided the audio recording for 5 languages and I created the animation using looping movements.

This is currently showing on the Scandic Hotels and Nickelodeon website along with Spongebob Squarepants!

Go to the website of www.ScandicHotels.com   >


Motion graphics for smartinfo

I was contacted by the company Smartinfo to do an animation showing their services. After our meeting I returned with a proposed update for their entire graphic profile, one that would look more professional and suit their tech services and keep things simple.
    They loved it, and once they signed off on the new profile I created this animation for them.

Click to play the animation on the right  >

See how they implemented the new profile on their website www.smartinfo.se   >


Infographics for PeopleLution

Willie Davis of PeopleLution approached me and said: "I would like to make a nine minute movie for YouTube, using eight of the illustrations you did for me. If I give you the audio track, can you make it really interesting to watch?"

It was a challenge to create a nine minute movie using only eight illustrations, each with mathematical formulas, and keep you watching till the end.
     Thanks to Willie's interesting theory and presentation skills, and audio, I could direct the viewer's attention to different parts of the image by moving the "camera". I think it did the job and you learn a lot as well, every time you watch it.

View the film on the right  >


Hand drawn cartoon

Mike had written a script and was looking for an artist to turn his scipt into an animated film.
      In the series we follow the aging football Mr.Vince on his wild adventures in the football underworld.
       With Mike's direction I started by creating the three main characters. Then I took the voice recordings of his script and built the film, step by step, using storyboards, turned into an animatic, replaced with rough animation up until final polish.
      The result was a three-minute animation in the rough and simple black and white style Mike wanted.

You can see the film here on the right  >


Akazukin - animated short
(pre-production, personal work)

This is one of my personal projects. A remake of Little Red Riding Hood, but set in feudal Japan. And the little girl is Akazukin herself, just before she's heading out into the woods to Grandma's house.


Click here to see more images and the storyboards   >