Akazukin (personal work)

This is one of my personal projects. A remake of Little Red Riding Hood, but set in feudal Japan. And the little girl is Akazukin herself, just before she's heading out into the woods to Grandma's house.


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Luxury house

The brief
"We want an artistic drawing of a luxury home we're planning to build on Crescent Drive."

Client praise
"Communication was excellent! The rendering came out exactly as I imaged. I am very happy with the result, Marten was very helpful, he made the whole process fast and straghtforward.
Thanks Marten!"

     - Karl Bach, Owner/Manager, Prestige Custom Homes, Canada


Mr. Bragthorn (personal work)

I used to love J.R.R.Tolkien's books as a kid, and loved the films that came out a few years ago, so here's my own addition to the vast pile of imagery from Middle Earth.

This is Mr. Bragthorn at the Red Dragon Pub, at the end of the day after he's finished the nine holes of the Boggy Hills golf course. He's having a smoke and enjoying the tranquility of the Shire. I think he's completely forgotten about the dinner his wife's made him, so she's on her way to the pub at full speed...


Wild West (personal work)

These are two of the characters in my "Wild West" series.

West1 West2

Movie poster

This poster was made for a short film about an executioner in the middle ages.

With director Joakim Lindman's direction I think it managed to capgture the mood and dilemma of the film. Looking forward to seeing it produced some day.

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Grandpa (personal work)

This is Grandpa, a character from one of my stories for an animated film about a imaginary land under a dark curse.