My clients are film directors and advertising agencies, and they come to me when they want to show their ideas in presentations and pitches.
Here are a few of the projects that were successful and turned into TV commercials. I work in three styles that suit any project, budget and deadline. ANIMATICS
I also make animatics, from rough sketches to final quality. See some examples here, here and here (the opening image happens to be the same for the last two, but they're two different commercials)

Shows exactly what you want to achieve.
Adds depth, lighting and mood.
Gets your idea across quickly at a low cost,
Tre MadMax Spotify
Klarna Freia Chocolate Novo
Arla_2 Axa musli SPP
ComHem Sony SCA
Loka Ellos Citroner
Telenor9 Zoega's LO
Glidden Roulette Boxer HD
Arla Akazukin Livat
Volvo Hotel Skanska Byggvaror
SJ Kelda Viasat
Alvedon BDS HugoAndCeline
ICA Svenska Spel Toyota