I've worked on many kinds of games and apps.

Sometimes as Art Director, concept artist, illustrator, and even 3D modeller.

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Storimi, Stockholm

Storimi is an app with children's books. They asked me to redesign their current mascot, and Owl.

Below you can see the original owl, which didn't feel very warm and welcoming.

So they created a new version, but that felt too sterile with it's 3D feel.

So I did a sketch which they liked, and with some tweaks I did the final illustration and frames, so it can move around and be animated in the app.

I also added animation to a few books so they come to life, as the parent can record their own voice reading the book.
The app is free for your iPad and iPhone.

Friendbase, Sweden

Friendbase is a chat app with over 2.000.000 users available on facebook and devices.

I was contacted by an old colleague, Andreas Rehnberg, whom I worked with as an Artist on Spineworld. He was developing a new chat app for college students with characters and backgrounds - and he asked if I wanted to do the art for it. I said "I'd LOVE to!" and we were off!

After a few tests we found a style that felt just right for college students, cartoony but not too childish and not 3D (which often looks dull and "plastic").

I drew a bunch of different characters, men, women, young, wold, and a couple of backgrounds for them to hang out in, and I also animated them talking and walking so they could get around.
Since the start we have added new rooms, furniture, items, clothes, pets and more!
You can see some examples below.

The game is free to play on facebook iPad and iPhone.

MyMini Safari
Personal project

Illustrations, animations, GUI, and game design in collaboration with Joakim Krassman who did the programming.

Konny Jeansson created the catchy music. You can see the trailer below.

It was fantastic to build an app from the ground up, and we wanted to make the experience as seamsless as possible for the toddlers using it.

This meant coming up with technical solutions to having these very large (high resolution) animals animating on screen at 60fps (straight from Flash, which was no easy thing), and a smooth transition when you scroll from one to the other.
The game wasn't a hit but great fun to work on.


Esafety Driving Challenge
Esafety Europe

Esafety is an organization in the EU that promotes safe driving, and they wanted a game that showed their six safety systems, as well as use their racing star sponsor Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton (among others).

I was a part of the small team, and was responsible for the illustrations and much of the game design.

Visual Concepts, San Francisco

I did the concept art for the multiplayer Dreamcast game, where four players would battle on a lush tropical island.

The Producers needed a strong visual style to make it visually interesting and as soon as they saw my portfolio they offered me a job, straight out of college.

It lead to me spending many years in the game industry.




The concepts were turned into 3D models by Michael Biancalana.

Brochure to sell the idea internally to the company. They liked it and greenlit the project.
Frantic and fun gameplay

Fashion Inc.
Stardoll, Stockholm

Stardoll contacted me when they were in need of an art director for their upcoming fashion game. Even though I confessed to not knowing anything about fashion, I did have years of experience as art director for games, so they hired me on as a consultant to ensure that the game would be up to standards when released
in just a few months.
When I arrived I had a look at the current game and talked to the team to hear what they thought about it, and how they wanted to move forward.

Since time was running out I had to be quick in preparing a presentation that showed my vision for the visuals of the game.

I wanted the game to feel more like a modern app for adults, rather than something for children, along the lines of the brief from the game's producer.
     The team had a few days to think about it before I returned to the office, and when I did I was happy to hear that they really liked it, and were on board with some pretty major changes to their current game. It was a risk they were willing to take, and luckily it also got the support from the company.

We changed the horizontal "simulation" feel of the game, with a high camera overview, to a vertical layout, and moved the camera close to the world we were in.
We hired an excellent GUI consultancy firm called weare1910 who created a sleek black interface that fit perfectly into the modern, adult design.
     The two artists on the project, Alex Tornberg (concepts and 2D) and Kornelius Dahl (3D), did a great job at the visuals, together with another consultancy, Shapefarm who did a lot of the 3D models, environments and animations.
And concept artist Joakim Hellstedt did some wonderful character portraits.

The game is free for your iPad and iPhone.

Eight Days
Sony, London

I was the Art Director for Sony's flagship title Eight Days, a driving/shooting game with the ambition to bring a Hollywood action film experience to the PS3.

I set out to create an Art Bible for the entire game, including sets, characters, vehicles, menu and logo, with the help of 10 incredibly talented concept artists from the film industry.

We ended up with a massive amount of images for all 16 levels of the game.

Sadly, the game was cancelled, and because of NDA I can't show any images.



Battlefield 2
Digital Illusions, Stockholm

I started out as a 3D vehicle artist but was soon asked to step into the role of Art Director for the project.

It was very exciting to be the spider in the web for a game that was so much fun to play, and had huge demands on it to be excellent.

At times it was overwhelming, since the team was growing fast, we were building technology while producing the art for the game, and we started outsourcing models to make the deadline.
But the team was great and some very talented artist and render programmers made a game that looked amazing, even when playing online with dozens of others.

This is a screenshot I took of our game, to show off the beauty of the world we had created and make you want to go there and play. It sold 2 million copies in the first year.

The game received 89% overall rating on Gamerankings.com with 65 reviews

Rating: 5/5 on Gamespy
"Battlefield 2 sets a new high watermark for online play"

Rating: 9.3/10 on Gamespot
"Battlefield 2 is a thrilling action game that immerses you in the chaos of combat like never before"


3D vehicle artist

When I started on Battlefield 2 I was part of the vehicle team, working with Peter Hoyles.
We were building models of helicopters, planes, and tanks, and raising the quality of the existing models. This included making texture and bumpmaps. The goal was to create a sense of gritty realism, where everything was covered in mud, sand, oil spills and scratches. These vehicles has to work up close yet stay within our polygon and texture budget. The end result when you're playing the game is great. You don't think of them as vehicles in a computer, but a natural part of the setting you're in. And they're great fun to drive too.



Battlefield 2142
Digital Illusions, Stockholm

Every great game needs a sequel, and this one was set in the future.

I created the gameplay and visuals of the level 'Camp Gibraltar'.

I wanted the feeling of 'assaulting the castle', then fighting your way through narrow streets on multiple levels, like an urban maze. The defenders would hold the walls and the gates, and try to block the attackers at every stage. In my map this castle became a modern top security refugee camp, much like a prison, with watch towers, barracks stacked high, and tall walls.

I made it a claustrophobic infantry-focused map because of the memorable close combat moments in Battlefield 2, when you have to rely on the teammate next to you, your eyes to see through the dust-filled streets, and your ears to hear what's coming around the corner...

Playdo, Stockholm

I did illustrations, wrote quests, and did some game design.
Spineworld was a social game using the freemium model. You could play for free online from any web-broswer in the world.

I joined the growing team in 2007 as illustrator for backgrounds, clothing, etc. The concepts were created by the talented Alvaro Tapia, and a small team of illustrators translated the pencil drawings into pixel art for the game.

I also contributed to the writing of quests and characters, and played a part in the design team, to make the world an exciting adventure without resorting to violence.

We had great fun and could see players from all around the world meet in spineworld. However, the project ran out of funds and was shut down in late 2009.

All work was based on concept sketches and created in collaboration with other artists. In this scene I worked on the airship, tent and background.
I created concept drawings of hats that the player could buy in the store and wear when they walked around the world. Hats was one of the most visible distinguishing features of characters which made them very important.