I create a range of animations, from Whiteboard explainer videos to animated characters and books.

Whiteboard animation - company history
For the Global Launch of their new brand Atlasbalans wanted to tell the history of their company and tools. For this I used a new technique, combining whiteboard illustrations with 3D depth.

Whiteboard animation - interview
This time I took an interview and turned it into a whiteboard animation.

First with sketches for comments, then recording the illustration, and finally a lot of editing and compositing to achieve the final result.

Whiteboard animation - innovation
Atlasbalans wanted to show customers how their treatment is cutting edge, and challenges our current understanding of how the body works.

I did sketches to their script and created a slideshow. Once we had the voice over I recorded my illustration.
This time the style had to be even simpler and quicker to draw.

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Vector animation
For the animation we started with a short script which served as the basis for sketches. Once the timing of the slides felt right it was just a matter of adding motion, but not too much, I didn't want it to distract from the voice and clarity of what was going on. Often less is more.

And they also offer treatment of horses.

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Mascot animation
I made this short animation for Scandic Hotels which introduces their mascot Sigge to children on TV screens in the hotels and online (music and lyrics created by another consultant).

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Cartoon snimals
Animation for an ipad app.

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Animated book
Willie approached me with a ten minute audio recording he made a few years back of Jack London's short story 'To build a fire'. He asked if I could visualize it and turn it into an animated short film.

I sent him sketches of how I would go about this and he soon said 'go'.

Over the following three months I built the film from the ground up, sketching storyboards to the audio, refining these to final illustrations, animated them and added sound effects.

Explainer video
Willie Davis of PeopleLution wanted me to make a nine minute video using only 8 illustrations I had made for him. He would provide the audio track and I needed to find an interesting way to present them.

Thanks to Willie's presentation skills and audio, I could direct the viewer's attention to different parts of the image by moving the "camera".


Hand drawn characters
Mike had written a script and was looking for an artist to turn it into an animated film.
It follows the aging football Mr.Vince on his wild adventures in the football underworld.

With Mike's direction I started by creating the three main characters. Then I took the voice recordings of his script, made storyboards, turned them into an animatic, replaced this with rough animation and did final polish.

The result was a three-minute animation in the rough and simple black and white style Mike wanted.dafire.info/wordpress/