I love colorful characters and stories.

And through the years I've created and redesigned many mascots, apps and presentations.

I like working with vector graphics because of the clean lines you get, and they scale really well.

But I also paint and sometimes illustrate backgrounds, furniture, foods, items - pretty much anything.

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Redesign of mascot
Scandic Hotels

Scandic Hotels have 160 hotels in the Nordic region and Northern Europe and their mascot "Sigge" needed an update to appeal more to families and children.

In collaboration with Camilla Lundsten Studio (my sister) I redesigned the old mascot, creating about 30 illustrations and an animation that would show Sigge's new fun-loving personality and playfulness.

It was important to keep the core visuals, like being a hedgehog, but we made him more colorful and friendly, less bland and forma, we gave him large smiling eyes, and let his hair make him easily recognizable among other characters and help express his mood.
Scandic use Sigge when you check into the hotels, on posters in the playrooms, as a soft toy you can buy in the shop, and even as a mascot suit that can visit the children at the hotel on special occasions.

You can see a short animation I made which introduces Sigge to children on TV screens in the hotels and online (music and lyrics created by another consultant).

Redesign of mascot

Storimi is an app with children's books. They asked me to redesign their current mascot, and Owl.

Below you can see the original owl, which didn't feel very warm and welcoming.

So they created a new version, but that felt too sterile with it's 3D feel.

So I did a sketch which they liked, and with some tweaks I did the final illustration and frames, so it can move around and be animated in the app.

I also added animation to a few books so they come to life, as the parent can record their own voice reading the book.
The app is free for your iPad and iPhone. You can download it here.
Animal app for kids
Personal project

Illustrations, animations, GUI, and game design in collaboration with Joakim Krassman who did the programming.

Konny Jeansson created the catchy music. You can see the trailer below.

It was fantastic to build an app from the ground up, and we wanted to make the experience as seamsless as possible for the toddlers using it.

This meant coming up with technical solutions to having these very large (high resolution) animals animating on screen at 60fps (straight from Flash, which was no easy thing), and a smooth transition when you scroll from one to the other.
The game wasn't a hit but great fun to work on.

Chat app

Friendbase is a chat app with over 2.000.000 users available on facebook and devices.

I was contacted by an old colleague, Andreas Rehnberg, whom I worked with as an Artist on Spineworld. He was developing a new chat app for college students with characters and backgrounds - and he asked if I wanted to do the art for it. I said "I'd LOVE to!" and we were off!

After a few tests we found a style that felt just right for college students, cartoony but not too childish and not 3D (which often looks dull and "plastic").

I drew a bunch of different characters, men, women, young, wold, and a couple of backgrounds for them to hang out in, and I also animated them talking and walking so they could get around.
Since the start we have added new rooms, furniture, items, clothes, pets and more!
You can see some examples below.

The game is free to play on facebook iPad and iPhone.

Food packaging

Axfood has 230 stores in Sweden and when Bas Brand Identity was designing their new packaging, they came to me for a rustic hand drawn style.

The Mexican characters were lots of fun to create, but I illustrated all kinds of foods as you can see below.

The packaging won the Guldägget silver award. You can read about it here

The Art Director at BAS, Stefan Sundström said: Fast and beautiful delivery. The illustrations truly heighten the sense of taste on the packaging. We look forward to more collaborations in the future.
Organisation overview
Regional Cancer Center West

I was asked to illustrate the structure of RCC West, so they could show and explain how everything is connected, including the patients and their loved ones.

This was going to be a key image for internal presentations and assist in funding.

After an initial meeting I did many quick sketches and the Client picked one they liked, where the different departments are represented by colorful people (instead of a more abstract option with blocks and circles).

We kept reworking this and ended up with a circle of colorful people talking and listening (shown by including ears). It felt positive and managed to include 8 different departments.
In the end they also wanted to add Leadership and support, which was tricky since the circle was already drawn in final quality. But by adding a grey circle around them all, the Client felt we had arrived.

Below I'm showing some of the stages we went through. I must have done about 50 versions along the way, but that's how you steer towards the final illustration that the Client is happy with.
Defining a brand

Atlasbalans works in healthcare, treating spine and muscle tension. They asked me to create illustrations for their brand.

After our initial meeting I suggested a style that was simple, clean, open and friendly.

This style would also work well for animations, be quick and cheap to produce.

For the animation we started with a short script which served as the basis for sketches. Once the timing of the slides felt right it was just a matter of adding motion, but not too much, I didn't want it to distract from the voice and clarity of what was going on. Often less is more.

And they also offer treatment of horses.

You can see the animations below.
Whiteboard Explainer video
They wanted to show customers how their treatment is cutting edge, and challenges our current understanding of how the body works.

I did sketches to their script and created a slideshow. Once we had the voice over I recorded my illustration.
This time the style had to be even simpler and quicker to draw.

You can see the animation below.
Driving app
Esafety Europe

Esafety is an organization in the EU that promotes safe driving, and they wanted a game that showed their six safety systems, as well as use their racing star sponsor Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton (among others).

I was a part of the small team, and did the illustrations and much of the game design.

Docudamage, USA

Stephen contacted me for an illustration of a building in Florida struck by a number of disasters.
They would use the illustration for their website and mail it out to 10000 condo associations in Florida.

Once finished he said:
Great artist! He read my mind! I will be using him again many times in the future!"

     - Stephen Hadhazi, Manager, Docudamage, USA



App icons
Sherin Lee, Singapore

Sherin found me online and asked if I could make icons for her app.
They should communicate their function, be easy to understand, look like existing icons, yet have a distinctive design to them.

When the project was finished she gave me a glowing review:
Marten is a very professional artist and designer. Working with him is like working with any top class art designer at a world class agency.
      He went through a very thorough analysis of what I wanted to achieve, the right look and feel, and came back very quickly with an initial sketch.

After a brief discussion the ever-creative Marten came back with a revised design in a matter of hours! Marten charges professional rates and gives you top grade work. I really enjoyed working with such a talented and creative person. Highly recommended.

      - Sherin Lee, Singapore

Sketch book

Below is some personal work I've done just for fun


A redesign of the famous Michelin Man mascot


A hobbit at the Green Dragon.


"Spring", a character for a children's story/animation idea I call The Long Lost Legend.
When they first find her locked up in the Tower she is weak and pale.
But later on in the story she recovers her strength and inner fire.


"Akazukin", or "Little Red Riding Hood" in Japanese, for a version of the story set in feudal Japan