Hello, I'm Mårten!

I have 20 years experience doing storyboards, illustration, animatics and more.

I work with clients around the world, from Gothenburg, Sweden, in online sketch meetings. I draw on my screen, which you can see on your screen, you comment and I make changes right away, it's just like being in the same room!

I'm your "sketch artist next door", wherever you are.

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How I work
Everyone who tries it loves it, and it's how I start almost all of my projects, because it's so easy, convenient, and the fastest, most fun way to visualize your idea. Together.

PS. The meeting is free but if you want the sketches from the meeting I charge about each and minimum . You can read more about my prices below.

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How it works
I mail you a link to a Google Hangouts meeting, simply click the link and we can say "Hello" (in English or Swedish, both languages work great).

I share my screen so you can see what I draw, right on your own laptop/device.

You tell me what you want to see and I start drawing. I ask questions and make suggestions. We work together to put your idea down on (digital) paper so you can show it to your colleagues and clients.

It's fast and creative
...faster than any emailing of Briefs could possibly be, because we're "in the same room at the same time", leaving no room for misunderstanding or delays. Nothing can beat that for speed, efficiency...and fun.

We work at lightning speed. These sketches are really rough and we can throw away as many as we want and change anything and everything. We'll do "pretty" and "final" later.

This frees the creative process. We only want to get a sense of layout and how your ideas will look and feel. That's all.

I draw about 10 sketches an hour.

It will probably save you money
...because it's free to try things out and throw things out. Later on when you have nicer drawings that you paid for, it won't be as easy (or free) to want change things.

My quote
When you're happy with the sketches I'll give you a quote for them or for turning them into Line, Shaded or Color images.

When my quote is approved I mail the sketches to you, and if you want, we continue the process to develop them.

Mail me your comments or we can book another meeting.

Some time for changes are included in the price. Read more under prices below.
I keep all our communication strictly confidential, but retain the right to publish my images 1 year from delivery unless we agree otherwise.

If you want me to sign NDA's before we start I'm happy to do so. I'll get back to you with any adjustments so we can reach an agreement quickly. If you require this, make sure we have enough time to work things out before we have to start. Very few of my clients feel a need for this. They trust my word and have done so for years.
If you don't want to take a sketch meeting you can email me your Brief and I'll get back to you with a quote, or if I have any questions. When everything is clear I can mail you a quote for the job, and when the quote is approved I'll start sketching.

To get started as quickly as possible it's great if the Brief is clear and detailed, like a list of images where you describe:
  • What and who do we see? Describe the setting and people. What do they look like? What are they doing? Include any reference or mood images you have.
  • Where are "we"/the camera? Are we in a Close-up? Or in a Medium shot, like in a dialog between two people? Or a Wide Shot, where we see the whole room, street or landscape?
  • Include simple sketches if you want. Stick figures are great.
  • Reference images also help.
I can break down your Brief into this image list if you want, and charge for this. Then I send this to you for comments.
All prices are estimates. I'll give you quote for the job when you get in touch.

My minimum fee for any job is due to admin.

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What you get
  • I'll make your ideas look great, with images proven to win clients
  • I listen and make suggestions to visually strengthen your ideas
  • I communicate clearly
  • I'm only a video call away
  • I'm available most of the time
  • I deliver ahead of time, or on time

Storyboard prices
Key visual

Time for changes are included. How much depends on to the total spend:
  • includes 30 minutes of changes
  • = 1 hour
  • = 1.5hrs
  • etc.
Additional changes cost /hour. I check this with you before I continue, and it's rarely needed.

Good to know
  • Simple images cost less, like close-ups or "similar images" (versions of previously drawn image)
  • Detailed images cost more, like wide shots, multiple people, detailed backgrounds
  • I don't charge extra for urgent/prority, evenings or weekends
  • If your total spend is more than , ask me for a discount
  • You can start with buying only the sketches, then select those you want develop. I deduct the cost for the sketch from the image price

I'll mail you a quote
When I know which sketches/images you want.

And when my quote is approved I email the sketches to you for comments and we continue the rest of the process. Read more below.

Copyright and publishing
Only copyright for internal presentation/pitch is included. If you want to use them for anything else, let me know and I'll include that in the quote.

I retain the right to publish the work after 1 year from delivery, unless we agree otherwise.

Animatics and animation prices
See below.

Illustration prices

I invoice in Swedish Crowns (SEK) with 30 days to pay, and have a Swedish VAT ID (F-skatt) which means I add 25% VAT to companies in Sweden.

Mail me at
1. Sketch meeting/sketches
We start with a sketch meeting or you send me the Brief. Then I mail you a quote.

When my quote is approved I email the sketches from our meeting, or start sketching based on the Brief and mail these to you for comments.

You comment, by mail, call or in a meeting, I make changes and send you updated versions.

2. Line Drawings
The sketches that are approved I clean up, turning them into Line drawing, and mail to you for comments again.

I make changes until you're happy.

3. Shading or Color
I move onto shading or coloring and mail them again.

Additional changes
If we spend all the time that's included for changes, I check that we can continue at /hour. This is very rarely needed and it often doesn't take very long.

When you're happy with everything, we're done

I email the invoice, wish you good luck, and hope to see your project succeed so I can show it off here on my site.

And of course I hope you return to me the next time you need images.
I can also make an animatic with my storyboards (like a slideshow with sound and camera moves) so you get a better idea what the actual film will look and feel like. It truly shows your idea to colleagues or clients, so you can get their comments or greenlight and go ahead with production.

For an animations, this animatic is the first part of the process.

1. Sketch-animatic
I add the sketches in sequence and add:
  • camera movement and simple animations
  • my own "dummy" voice-over free of charge, to be replaced by the real dialog you supply later
  • music and sound effects. If you have music you would like to use, send it to me. Or I can find music and sound effects online. Some are in the public domain and free. Otherwise I will let you know the cost of purchasing these and the licensing terms. After your approval I'll buy them and add the cost to the invoice and include the license.
I share this rough cut with you (invite you to a shared folder on GoogleDrive) so you can get a first feel for the story.

You comment, and at this stage it's easy, fast and cheap to make changes.

2. Clean animatic
I'll clean up the images and send a new version to you for comments, with more details, tweaks to the sound and motion, to give you a better feel for the final film.

When you provide sounds (voice-over, music or sound effects) I add these and send a new version.

3. Shade or Color animatic
I move onto Shading or Coloring and email it again.

This gets you as close to the final film as possible. We make final changes until you're happy.

Animatic price
A 30 second animatic costs roughly , in addition to the cost of the storyboards. I'll give you a quote once I know more about what you want.

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This fee includes 4 hours of work, spread over a couple of days (or longer), giving you time for review and comments, and for me to make changes and send new versions.

If the 4 hours of work are spent I check with you if we should continue at /hour.

Only copyright for internal presentation/pitch is included. Let me know if you want to purchase a different copyright.

Animation price
A 30 second simple animation costs minimum , and includes:
  • a handfull of clean line drawings
  • with motion and sound (which you provide)
  • full copyright, which means you also can use the still images on websites, print etc
  • 1 hour of changes, and additional changes cost /hour.
This cost increases for longer films with more images, color images, animation within the images or a hand that draws them like in a Whiteboard Animation.

I will give you a quote once I know more about what you want or after our sketch meeting.

If your total spend is more than , ask me for a discount

At the end of the animation I would like to add a line at the bottom saying "Animation by Mårten Lundsten | pixoco.com", simply letting people know who made it.

After you have published the animatic/animation I will also publish it on my website and online, or after 1 year from delivery unless we agree otherwise.

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